•  Over the years we've developed products to solve your problems... to draw attention, create programs etc.  Included in this idea are those solutions...
  • Why use boring white labels with your contact information on your catalogs, invitations, etc. when you can use our COLORFUL graphics and borders to make your message stand out?
  • Auction Parties increase attendance and sales! When you let your customers know they can earn extra auction $$$ by helping you, they will invite their friends and help get outside orders!
  • We were discussing putting stickers on your invitations- the VALUE and HUGE impact they can have.  (If you don't already know WHY to use the 4 stickers, be sure and READ or LISTEN to the training on the blog- follow the link below to that blog post.)
  • Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance- It's worth the effort because the more there the greater your sales...  This is a DOWNLOAD product. It is a PDF with PAGES of Ideas to BOOST your Attendance.
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  • It is so much easier to sell and create a relationship with a LIVE person rather than over the phone or online.  You parties or shows are your opportunity to MEET people!  Follow this PROVEN technique to attract MORE people to your parties...