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  • Key 1- Booking
    Having your calendar full is the Lifeblood of your business! From Bookings there are many advantages: 1: You get to build the relationship with your hosts 2: You get to meet new people 3: You get to share your products with new and established customers 4: You get to plant recruiting seeds, to generate interest into joining your team 5: You BEGIN the relationship with customers, learning how to meet their needs. 6: While at your party, you plant the seeds and cultivate them to generate even MORE bookings so this cycle will continue in building your business.We suggest if you want to GROW your business that you host at least 2 parties or shows per week. This will give you a foundation for all areas of your business. The products and training listed below will help you plant the seeds and create interest in your products and lead you to more bookings and greater overall success.
  • T1-01 -- Keep your...
    This is a concept that has been one of our most popular ways to keep your calendar full! It invloves using our "Pick a Date & Pick a Prize" Erase Boards. See the item 1-01 -- Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date-Pick a Prize! below for more information and links to our Blog. All the items mentioned in the training are shown in this category.
  • T1-02 Encourage...
    Would you like to have MORE sales without having to go out and do more parties? Offer your customers the option of doing a catalog party, and HELP them be as successful as possible!