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  • T4-02 -- Start your...
    Try starting your own club that generates consistent sales!
  • T4-06 -- 10 Ways to...

    In a nutshell this training will walk you through 10 ways to EASILY Boost your Sales. This category includes the products mentioned in this training.

    10 Easy Ways to Sell MORE PDF

     Check out these 10 PROVEN techniques that are guaranteed to Boost your Sales.  

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  • T4-03 -- Birthdays
    Birthday ideas for most ALL of the Key Areas of your business. We've done it ALL for you... we have the stickers, postcards, etc. all ready to go ... just DO IT!
  • T4-04 -- Sell the...
    There are simple techniques to help you SELL MORE to the people you meet. Sell the sizzle not the steak!
  • T4-05 -- Offer Rewards...
    Start a rewards program where your customers get extra benefits when they shop with you again and again. This will encourage them to come back to YOU instead of purchasing similar products from others or at the store! See training ideas and related products below.
  • Key 4A Get Sales &...
    These are the products mentioned in the Key 4A: Boost sales by getting orders Anytime Training.Why not make the most of every opportunity? Encourage guests to order NOW and in the future by letting them know HOW to order! See all the details in in Key4A Training item below. All the products mentioned in the training are shown below.
  • Key4B-Sell GIFTS
    This category and training discusseds how to boost your business by selling GIFTS! See the 4-Key4B-PDF-Sell Gifts training item and all the products mentioned in that training.