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  • T5-2-- Is this how...
    Here are some ideas to make your checkout process more effecient and effective! See the IDEA below in product 5-02 -- Is this how your checkout usually goes? The products mentioned in the training are shown in this category.
  • T5-03 -- Are you...
    You actually make a good hourly income because you’ve got the system down (Using the 10 steps to successful parties) and it only takes you about 30-60 minutes per party to do all the stuff BEFORE the party and about 3 hours to actually DO the party. So for 4 hours work you made $40/hour! Wow, that’s great but are you leaving money lying on the table? Let’s see:
  • T5-01 Set Yourself...

    Care about your customers!  Sat Thank You!  
    Set yourself apart by doing the little things
    that make a BIG Difference (at a price you CAN Afford!)

    T5-01 Set yourself apart

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    T5-01 Set Yourself Apart- Say Thank You!

  • T5-04 -- Join my VIP...
    Another twist on a Preferred Customer Club. Be sure and read the IDEA Sweet, Simple and SALES-Sational!
  • T5-05 Make Connections...
    Set yourself apart by doing the little things. Learn how to build relationships that keep people coming back to you. Have you ever wondered what creates a relationship that keeps a customer going back to the same store? Learn how to be the TOP on their ladder!