• Challeng your team to fill their datebooks for their return from conventions so they can make the most of the enthusiasm and new concepts they learn.  Request BOOSTER SHARE Flyers to earn Referral Credits and give your friends a VOUCHER to use on their first order.
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  • Booster Basics- HOW to Build your Team!If you LOVE what you do, you obviously want to SHARE about it!First, share about your products!  Help people to FALL IN LOVE with your product line!How do you do that?  3 simple tips....
  • It all started with a Game!  Our concept was to use your game time more productively.  Instead of calling out numbers, we thought it would be beneficial to ...
  • Click VIEW to see how you can promote parties for MEN that help them become Holiday Heros!
  • Use the "Bunny Hop" Catalog Party concept to help customers earn free products while shopping for Mother's Day, etc. by sharing your catalogs at their "Easter" get togethers....
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  • Get Organized for Success! We have a SYSTEM to help you DOUBLE YOUR SALES!
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  • RECRUITING $$$ DOLLARS... Help build your business! Hand out $100 bills and get their attention! Remind them to put this...
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  • RETIRED ITEM- Get it before it is gone! Use an your parties to get customers involved. Give them money for answering questions. Have an auction for prizes at the end. (Those who have a lot may be good hostess or recruit leads.)
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  • RETIRED ITEM- Get it before it is gone! Large Bill buck are $10 bills that have a space for them to put what bills they would pay off with an additional $100 per weeks. Use it to...
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