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Imagine the room is full of guests....

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Imagine this:  

You, as the consultant, take a minute before starting your demonstration to look around the room at your host's guests.  The room is full, in fact your host had to set up a few more chairs to accommodate everyone.........You glance at your host, she has a pleased expression on her face as she views her friends mingling and being excited to see the products.  


This is the PART of the FIRST Paragraph of the training on putting the PARTY Back into Party Plan.  In this training we will discuss HOW to have the room full of excited guests....


Have $1000 Parties SystemThe training below is included in our "How to Have $1000 Parties" System.  This is out of the order from the complete instructions, but I wanted to go along with our "Imagine" theme and help you to understand what you need to do to have that "imaginary" party be REALITY for you.  In fact, we are going to go through each item described in that party to show you exactly how to do it!

Another reason we are covering this FIRST, is I hope you will understand how important this step is!  In most of my training, we present things in a chronological order - how things fit in the order in which you do them - but here I want to fulfill your dream of that perfect party and if you don't do anything else (but I hope you will) THIS is what will be most impactful on your business because it is SO MUCH EASIER to sell to LIVE people and AT YOUR PARTY is the BEST WAY to do it!

To have a ROOM FULL of guests here's what you need to do:

Basic Step 3: Prepare, Then Send Invitations

              Make sure you receive a guest list from your host.  This way YOU can make sure to mail the invitations on-time and you can give better service to your customers.  Then, prepare each invitation with 4 stickers.  This is your chance to plant recruiting and booking seeds with EACH invited guest  as well as boosting attendance by using “Bring a Friend” and “Have Fun” type stickers. Use: 
          --- Two - Key 3 stickers to Boost Attendance

    --- One - Key 6 sticker to Plant Recruiting Seeds
--- One - Key 1 sticker to Plant Dating/Booking Seeds

Additional details on Step 3:

Step 3 is about Attracting MORE people to your party who are ready to buy, book or perhaps join your team. 

1-Why should YOU send the invitations- Your goal is to have $1000 parties, RIGHT?  This is an important part of making it happen.  When YOU mail the invitations, YOU are in charge.  Why MAIL the invitations?  Because you are then sure to reach every demographic whether or not the text, email, are on facebook or tweet.  EVERYONE gets their mail!  Many have hundreds of unopened emails.  I doubt if people have hundreds of unopened pieces of mail.  Another reason is you KNOW the invitations went out on time.  Not getting the invitations out on time (or at all) is the #1 reason for postponements.  When a party is postponed, that is like you boss calling you and telling you not to come to work.  But, it is even WORSE than that because you also lose momentum, and miss meeting the people and booking more parties.  So, YES, it does cost some money for YOU to mail the invitations.  But, how much is it costing you by NOT mailing them? 

(Besides- who prints out an email invitation and puts it on their fridge so they are reminded over and over again?)

2-Put stickers on your invitations!   -- As mentioned above, this is your chance to plant seeds about booking or recruiting.  Maybe someone would love to have your products, but doesn’t have the money to spend so she doesn’t want to come and be tempted.  But, when she sees the “Why pay full price?  Free is twice as nice”, or “Earn some Free when you party with me” sticker on the invitation she might decide to come to see how she can get what she wants for free.

3-What Stickers?   -- As mentioned above, we suggest you put FOUR stickers on every invitation.  Why, because you want to plant both Booking and Recruiting seeds as well as encouraging them to “Bring a Friend” and motivating them to come because the party will be enjoyable, relaxing and fun!  The Step 3 instructions are to find the stickers you want to use behind the Key 1: Booking, Key 6: Recruiting and Key 3: Boost Attendance TABS.  Here are just a few suggestions:

S10411 — Why Pay Full Price STICKERS -70

S10480 — Earn Free Party with me STICKERS -70

S31031 — Bring Friend (yellow) STICKERS -70

S31048 — Bring Friend (pink) STICKERS -70

S30485 — Relax with Friends STICKERS -70

S30397 — Enjoy NIGHT out STICKERS  -70

S62264 — Full Time Pay STICKERS -70
S64054 — Wanted Enthusiasm STICKERS  -70

2-Imagine Room Full CATEGORYMany other stickers with similar messages are available.  I have put some of the most popular in the
2-Imagine the Room CATEGORY

Another part of having a full room is encouraging the HOST to make those all important phone calls!  These suggestions are part of the STEP 4 training in the "How to Have $1000 Parties" System:


2-Send a Postcard letting her know the invitations have been sent out.  
Send PP22753CT -- Invitations mailed (stripe) POSTCARD and include the “Having Fun” sticker you used on the invitations!  Once she knows the invitations have been mailed, she will rest easier.  It is a mental thing.  She will get busy and be even more prepared.

3-The all important phone call reminder.   I cannot impress on you how important this step is.  Let your host know at the beginning that once she has gotten you the guest list, that this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing she can do to have a successful party.  It is MORE important than fancy desserts or a super clean house.  This is IT!  Let her know you’ll be sending a postcard to remind her to make the calls and that you are counting on her.  When her friends get the call, they will be impressed and reminded and feel encouraged to attend.  Put the “Bring a Friend” sticker on the postcard and include a little note for her to be sure to remind them to bring their friends.  This is one of the things in the BINGO game too! (Included in the System)

Here are some suggested postcards (Full packages come with 24 cards) or you can get the  (PP2B- Host Call) 4 different “Call Reminder” Postcards all together on one sheet and just purchase multiples of that sheet.

PP23277CT- Thank you for doing your best to make your event a Success.

PP23396CT- If you call them they will come

PP23920CT-  Please remember to call your guests

PP23921CT- Please remember to call your guests as your personal Invitation is the best.


4-Play a Game! Another thing you can do to encourage your host to make the calls is to play a game  Tell your host if she finds the FIVE guest with the “S44427 -- Gifts for all occasions" STICKER on it (Yes, that means 5 invitations will have 5 stickers.) she will earn “Extra” credits (It can be anything you choose.)  Put this sticker --S20398 Call guests Find 5 guests -- On the front of her “Phone Call Reminder” Postcard (mentioned above) and put the S44427 -- Gifts all occasions STICKERS overlapping the bottom of it so she knows which sticker she is looking for.  When you call her before the party, ask her how her search is coming.


2-Imagine Room Full CATEGORYAnd YES, I've put all these products in the 2-Imagine the Room CATEGORY to make it easy for you to find them.

Now, one more thing I must mention is that in order to MAIL the invitations, you HAVE to get the GUEST LIST!  There are many ways you will be using this list over time (we will get into more details on this later) but first you HAVE to get the list.  One of the easiest ways is to include the GUEST LIST for her to fill out in her host packet.  Be sure to include a Self-Addresses- Stamped- Envelope (SASE) along with it and incentivize her to return it to her within 3 days.  Be sure to present it in a positive manner by saying something like this:


"I know you want to have a successful party and earn the items on your wish list.  I am going to make it easy for you.  All you need to do is put together your guest list with addresses and phone numbers and I will take care of mailing the invitations for you.  My hosts that have done this are having fabulous parties with their house full of guests!  I will be watching for your guest list and by getting it to me within 3 days you will receive _____!   Putting together your guest list is really easy, (Point to the FRANK) sticker which reminds here to think of Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kids parents. Now, really quick, while I start cleaning up my display, why don't you fill out this "40 guests in 4 Minutes" worksheet and if you have any questions, let me know."


NOTE: We offer a download you can purchase of the worksheets for the guest list, wish list, bingo game etc.


Then, once she has finished the list, show here the guest list with places for addresses and ask her to fill it in.  If she says she doesn't know the addresses, she can check her Christmas Card list, or suggest she give them a call to get the address.  In this way she can remind friends to Save the Date and let them know their invitation will be coming and to watch for it.


How to handle the, "Oh, I will just invite them all on facebook!" objection:


"Wonderful, I hope you will create a Facebook event for your party so you can remind everyone, but my really successful hosts, (and I'm sure you want to be really successful) get me the addresses so I can mail the actual invitation because they know it will help their friends remember and be reminded to bring their friends as well!  Remember, some of your friends may not be active on facebook and you wouldn't want to leave them out and have them feel bad would you?"


How to handle the, "Oh, I will just TEXT them!" objection:


"Yes, I hope you will text your friends as a reminder, but I'm sure you have some friends who don't text, perhaps some of your moms friends and other neighbors?  You will want to be sure to put them on your guest list so they will actually receive an invitation, it makes your party more like a social event rather than just a 'stop on over' feeling and more of your friends will plan to attend!"


Sending a Confirmation Postcard -- This is so simple, yet SO effective!  Keep some cards in your car  (stamped and filled out with your contact info.)  Then just fill them out once you’ve booked a party.  Drop it in the mail on your way home.  Your host will be so impressed how efficient you are and it will set the tone for communications and a $1000 party.    Put the S20301 -- Watching Guest List STICKERS on the front of the postcard.

Here are some suggested cards:
PP21854CT- Your Wish list FREE is my goal for you and me....

PP21517CT- Thank you for inviting me into your home

PP21276CT I’m so excited to work with you

PP20301CT- I’m watching for your Guest List


I PROMISE YOU that if you will follow these suggestions you will have a ROOM FULL of guests!  Now, you may be thinking, "This is going to cost me some money to actually MAIL invitations - a lot more than facebook or texting!"  YES, it will, but look at it this way:

--- Once you book a party, are you going to show up and present it even if there are only 2 guests there? (I would guess if there are only 2 people there you would still do the party, right?)

--- How much time out of your life did it take to do the party?  (Let say 4 1/2 hours- 1/2 hour each way to drive, 30 minutes set up, 2 hours party, 1 hour to take orders, deal with new hosts and pack up.)  If you only have 2 guests and they each spend $50.  That's a $100 party.  Your profit is $25.  That is $5.50 per hour.  But if you have 6 guests at $50 each, that goes up to $16 per hour.


But what if you double that to 12 guests?  Now it is $33 per hour.  Or a profit of $150.00 for you night out.  Then, if you continue to do the things we teach you in the $1000 party System, your profit would be $250 for the night for an average of $55 per hour!  Now doesn't that seem worth it?


If you MAIL 40 invitations the postage is $13.60.  Add in the cost of the invitation and stickers and you are still LESS THAN $20.  Is it worth $20 to make $250?  Plus look at the additional people you meet, new parties booked and recruit leads?


--Remember to apply the A-B-C-D formula!

 A Success Formula

 If the B for Benefit

 Is greater than the C for Cost

 Then D = DO IT !

If the Benefit of $250 PROFIT is worth the extra $20 to mail the invitations, then DO IT! 


CLICK the 2-Imagine the room is full of guests CATEGORY to see all the products mentioned in this training.



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 2-Imagine the room is full of guests

2-Imagine the room is full of guests

Imagine the room is full of guests....

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