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  • T0-02 Booster Bingo...
    This is the game that started "The Booster" 30 years ago. It was conceived to help you use your game time more effectively because instead of calling out number you are calling out your product names. This category lists all the products mentioned in the training.
  • T0-04 Save Pens while...
    Learn how and why we developed our Pen Pal stickers and how they boost your bookings and recruit leads.
  • T0-03 Postcards make a...

    Check out the Key 7: Motivation and Key 8: Recognition POSTCARDS!
    This is a great time to stock up on a selection of postcards so you have
    them handy to keep your team excited and working.  Remember, Zig
    Ziggler's quote,"Behavior that is both Recognized and Rewarded will
    be Repeated!"  These postcards are perfect.  See all the ideas in the

    Postcards on Sale

  • T0-10 -- Events...

    Events Boutiques & Fairs are not only a way to meet people
    products, but the perfect way to GET BOOKINGS!
    Especially when you take these bags to the event,
    all filled with catalogs and ready to go!  Just give them
    to the Host right there and follow up!  You could easily get
    25 or even 50 bookings at an event.
      We've done all the work for you, just DO IT! 
    See the FREE training 0-10 PDF-- Fairs and Events IDEA
    in the T0-10 -- Events Boutiques & Fairs to meet people Category.

    T0-10- Fairs and events CATEGORY

  • T0-07 -- Take me to...
    Yes, it's that time when you are attending those ball games for your children, grandchildren or other kids you know. Or maybe it is dance practices, or even taking the kids to the swimming pool or park. You never know where opportunity will strike, use these activities to generate interest in your products and service! Make the most of those opportunities by letting people know what you offer. (See Dara's quote in the idea!)
  • T0-13 -- Get business...
    Here are some ideas to help new and experienced consultants get their business off to a great start to make MORE money in LESS time!
  • T0-08-Stickers: WHO,...
    Stickers: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW! Quickly learn the basics of the effectiveness of stickers! See some of our first slogans as well as new ones and why they are so effective.
  • T0-14 Back to SCHOOL...
    Yes, summer has come to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized! Now, let's talk about how having your kids back to school can impact your business!
  • T0-15 -- Play Bingo...
    Boost your reputation and relationship with customers by playing BINGO. Give them the cards at fairs, events, fundraisers, parties, and more to encourage them to visit your blog, facebook page, webiste, etc.
  • T0-16 --...
    Why use boring white labels with your contact information on your catalogs, invitations, etc. when you can use our COLORFUL graphics and borders to make your message stand out? Just look at the difference.... Borders and Graphics make your message stand out! We offer many of our most popular designs in the "Printable Sticker" format so you can stick TWO messages as once. Your customers will be drawn to the graphic along with your information! Of course you can also print a message with the graphic that are unique to your products or services.
  • T0-19- Solve the problems

    We develop products to help you solve your problems. This includes details about: Old Catalogs, Call them they will order, Grils Night out, Referral Program, & Men love it too. All the products mentioned in these ideas are shown in this category.