V1008-PP-LAM -p- POSTCARD Dividers SET To Get Organized!

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Get Organized for Success! We have a SYSTEM to help you organize your POSTCARDS to DOUBLE YOUR SALES!

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Get Organized for Success! We have a SYSTEM to help you DOUBLE YOUR SALES!

The goal is to send POSTCARDS regularly to your hosts, customers & team members. 

WHY?  Because postcards make an IMPACT on your customers.  How many things do you get in the MAIL that make your feel good or appreciated?

If you want to make a difference, send POSTCARDS!  They work! 

Think about it ... do emails get printed out and put on your fridge so you'll see them over and over again?

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These dividers are printed in BLACK ink on heavy cardstock and LAMINATED to last!  They are the size of our postcards ( 5 1/2" wide) and the tab sticks up 1/2" (Total 4 3/4" tall)  If you want the tabs to stand out individually, you'll just need to cut around them with houshold scissors.

Each divider is printed with instructions on how to use them.  The set includes a TOTAL of  36 cards:

12 Monthly Dividers (for filing Host information that is down the road, Birthday cards and follow up cards.)

5 Weekly Dividers (To sort what needs to be done each week)

19 Key Dividers to keep your stock of Postcards so it is easy to stay organized!

12 Place Holders (Laminated strips that you can write on with a Wet Erase Pen and use to hold your place anwhere)

These dividers are:  (They all come with instructions and examples of the cards we have available)  Kind of like a catalog.

Key 1-Boost Bookings
Key 2-Host Coach-general
Key 2-Host Coach-Confirm Party
Key 2-Host Coach-Phone Call Reminder
Key 3-Invitations
Key 3-Invitation status

Key 4-Sales
Key 5-Thank You
Key 5-Appreciation
Key 6-Recruit
Key 6-Recruit Follow UP
Key 7-Team Motivation

Key 7-Team Invitations
Key 7-Welcome
Key 8-Recognition
Key 9-Seasonal
Key 9-Christmas
Key 9-Christmas Cards
Birthday Cards

We've had our System Dividers for years to organize your Stickers (V1003) and we've finally got the system done for your Postcards.  A few testimonials from our Old website about our Sticker dividers are shown below, but I'm sure we'll have the same type comments from the Postcard Dividers.

We also have developed a HOST CARD (V1009) that is similar to our Party Show Checklist, but this is printed on Cardstock and is the same size as our Postcards and come with 24 in the package.  Here's how they work.  They will have a place to write the host name, party date, contact info, etc.  It will then give instructions of which postcards to send when,  For example the CONFIRMATION type postcards immediately after booking the party, the CALL REMINDERS, the INVITATIONS INFO, Host THANK YOU and CHRISTMAS CARD.  Then you'll note that you've prepared the card and sent the card.  Once you've filled out the card, you'll put it in the month (and week) that you need to begin sending cards.  Once you've prepared the cards, you'll put them in the week they need to be mailed (put the date where the stamp goes) and note the date on your card.  You'll then file the card on the party date and move it to the close date to remind you to send the Thank You and prepare the Christmas Card at the same time.

This makes it SO EASY to make sure you are doing everything necessary. 

One more thing.  The KEY DIVIDERS are for you to keep your STOCK of Postcards.  We recommend a plastic SHOEBOX that fits nicely on your desk (Get them at WalMart for $1)  Now, to make it easy to keep your Postcards Divided behind each divider, we have blank divider cards you can purchase (24/pkg) that are a little taller than the postcards, (but not as tall as the dividers)  You can write the name and item number along the top and file it in front of your package of cards.  This makes it easy to find them and to know when they are getting low to reorder!

Order your Dividers NOW!  It is time to get organized for success!

Amazing results!!!
Lina - Pensacola, FL   (Sunday, August 16, 2009)

I just started using this system. I've only gotten to use them for two shows thus far, and I can already see a difference. I certainly recommend it to new advisors/consultants and old.

Great Lina- Keep it up and you'll continue to see greater and greater success! JB

  Get Organized & Save Time
Tami Hoover - Bargersville, IN   (Tuesday, August 26, 2008)

I love this sheet. (The party show checklist that is included in the divider set) It makes my live easier when I just this to check off my tasks, make notes and it's uniform so I don't forget anything. It saves me time, energy & money. I keep it all in a binder with my stickers so my inventory is all in one place.

Helen Askins - Lockport, NY   (Sunday, January 20, 2008)

I enrolled in the Key Pack Club and all I can say is....WOW!!!

The divider system is absolutely outstanding in keeping me organized and on top of everything with my business!

I am a mother of two and desperately needed the organization that these dividers have given me. I actually thought I was pretty organized to begin with until I started using these dividers. Boy, was I ever wrong! I don't know how I ever got along without them!

These dividers have made my life so much more easier and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Thanks a million!

  My team tries to STEAL them from me!
Lisa Young - Flint, MI   (Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

My leader actually told me 'not to bother' with the dividers, but I didn't listen. So glad, too! Now that I'm having $1000+ shows, her team is asking to 'borrow' my dividers to make copies. 'NO WAY!' I say! 'Get them from Jenny B! They're a great investment in your business.' Jenny you rock!
Lisa M. Robbin Young

  Great learning tool
Jenifer Dreyer - Garland, TX   (Thursday, April 05, 2007)

I love the dividers. I am a new consultant and the dividers really help me remeber when to do each task, while it offers great tips on how to be more effective in communications.


  A Solid Foundation to your Business
Honey Saylor - Atlanta, GA   (Tuesday, April 03, 2007)

These dividers are fantastic. Besides helping you get organized, they offer training and hints on them. Also, I find as I prepare catalogs and guest folders, I go through each of the keys and make sure I've covered the ones I need to. The binder dividers make this process so easy and saves me tons of time.

  Be organized
Rona Fox - Greenwood,Ar   (Sunday, March 04, 2007)

I love your products so much it's hard for me to decide what to use when. So, I decided to set up my show packets ahead of time.I file mine by host name. If I have a show coming up with a repeat host I pull her packet.A new host get's a new packet.I paper clip postcards, stickers, magnets, etc on the inside with a copy of the 10 steps to a successful party system.That way all I have to do is pull the show packet and everything I need is there.It saves me tons of time.
Thanks Jenny

  Booster Really Works For Me Now!
Caroline E. - Penn Twp., PA   (Friday, August 04, 2006)

Wow! What a difference these dividers make! I've had Booster products in piles here and there for a year, and barely had time to search through them, much less make use of them. I got the dividers, got organized and now use them on EVERYTHING! It makes finding what I want to use much easier, and has really boosted the enthusiasm of my customers and hostesses!

  TONS of useful info
Heather von Marko - Baltimore, MD   (Tuesday, March 07, 2006)

These are just jam-packed with info to grow your business! It really helps to use the products more often when they are organized and easy to find. These are a fantastic and very affordable investment!

  So much more than Dividers!
Anne Clark - Beaver Dam, WI   (Monday, March 06, 2006)

These Dividers are FANTASTIC! Aside from their most basic purpose - organizing my Booster tools by category - the dividers are Booster tools in and of themselves. Each tab provides tips for how to best use the different stickers, postcards, labels, etc. There are also ideas for working and growing my business.
No matter what else you order from The Booster, be sure to order the Training System Dividers. They'll keep you organized and help you determine which other tools are best for your business.


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V1008-PP-LAM -p- POSTCARD Dividers SET To Get Organized!

V1008-PP-LAM -p- POSTCARD Dividers SET To Get Organized!

Get Organized for Success! We have a SYSTEM to help you organize your POSTCARDS to DOUBLE YOUR SALES!

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