BCD43013PR -- Preferred Customer Reward CARD PERSONALIZED by us -50

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Reward your customers for coming back to you again and again by giving them "Preferred Customer Cards!" This helps you ...

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Reward your customers for coming back to you again and again by giving them "Preferred Customer Cards!" This helps you develop that relationship that encourages them to think of YOU first when they need your type of product. WE WILL PRINT whatever you want on the back of the card.

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Here is the link to our BLOG post with all the information on how to use the card:


There is AUDIO training for this product on my BLOG too!


HOW TO USE:  This little card will help you keep your customers coming back to you. It's the size of a business card and it's easy and fun! 

1- Decide what they will redeem the card for once it's filled.

2- Decide what each of the 20 squares represent ie: dollar value of purchase.

3- Fill out the back of the cards before the party with your name, phone, company, value, etc. (or have your customers do it as you are explaining it to them during the party.)

4- Tell your guests about the card during your presentation. Then, when they place their order, give them the card with their name on the front.

We have a sticker to put in your catalogs to prompt THEM to ask YOU about the cards (PR41013).

5- Encourage them to spend enough to mark off the first square. (You could offer a 2 squares for 1 on their first order.)

6- Then encourage them to call you when they need a gift, etc. so they can fill their card. Just initial each box as it is earned (or put a code that means something to you if doing it by phone.

7- Let them know they can fill extra squares by being a hostess, bringing 2 friends to the next party, etc.

8-Remind them they are your "Preferred Customer" by sending them a "Customers like you make my day" magnet personalized with your information on our Printable Stickers (PSB5307). 

This is a plan you can develop to be whatever you want it to be. You may want to keep a note on your guest list of who you gave 'PC' cards to so you can contact them again.


Here are some Testimonials from our old website:

I love the preferred customer cards! It is another great way to SIT (stay in touch) with my customers. I place stickers on the invites to ask me how to become a preferred customer to plant a buying from me seed. Then I talk about it at my parties. My customers love this because I give a discount when the card is filled up. At $10.00 a punch that gives me a customer who buys from me to get thier card punched, and I get repeat business. If they fill up one they are ready to start the next card. That means my customers will spend over $200.00 a year with me. 

Rhonda Townson - Haysville KS   (Tuesday, May 29, 2007)

  My customers go nuts over these!
You know how you always go to the espresso bar with a punch card, and you can't wait to get that free drink? This is exactly the same thing. Your customers will feel so special and will always shop with you so they can get their credits. Awesome!  Jodi - Arlington, WA   (Monday, April 02, 2007)

I love these cards. They have increased my re-order business. My customers get a new card that's been punched with every order. I track there purchases on a 12 month spreadsheet and let them know how close they are to getting free products!  Cheryl Teare - San Ramon, CA   (Monday, February 13, 2006)

You guys saved my buisness!
Before I found thebooster.com I was going to give up on coutinuing with my buisness. But then I found you guys and decided to give it a try. I started putting the stickers on my catalogs and my SALES and RECRUITING has gone sky high! You guys really have helped out alot and I LOVE all your products!

With you guys helping me with my sales it has helped me buy more products from you! So not only have you helped me but you have also make your buisness better - which helps me make my business even better! Thank you so much! I love you guys and God bless!  Sarah Painter - Mountlake Terrace, WA   (Tuesday, April 10, 2007)

Old number was V4118

GRAPHIC READS: You are my Preferred Customer.  To show my appreciation for your continued support you'll earn a special gift when you fill this card!  Please, let me help you with your personal needs as well as gifts!  There are 20 circles to use as incentives!   We will print the redeem info on the back.


The redeem info reads:  Card belongs to:___ (They will fill in their name)
Redeem only with ________ (Your name) at: ___(your phone) with ____ (your) company.
Each circle (or box) represents _____ (Tell us the value)  Expires:  ________ (you may want to put "A year from the first use"
Redeem for: _____ (Whatever they'll get - make sure it is of enough value so they'll be excited to earn the reward, but affordable for you too!)  ____ when card is completely filled.
Ask mehow you can fill extra circles (or boxes)



Tracking Cards:


These cards have circles or squares for them to keep track of where they are toward earning their reward.  The BACK of the card has redeem information, so don't punch them (if you take an outside order you wouldn't be there to punch it anyway!) 


We recommend you come up with a CODE that means something to you for each month.  For example, your birhtday is in January, so for Jan you use your initials,  Your daughter's birhtday is in Feb, so you use her initials, etc.  Then when talking with customers, you'll give them the initial and date to write on the card.  The next time they order the initials will be different, so this keeps them honest.  It also makes it easy for you to check their card because the initials and dates will make sense to you. 


A package includes 5 sheets = 50 3 1/2" x 2" cards.  They are printed on matte finish, cardstock.  The informaiton we personalize for you is on the back.  (Printed in BLACK INK)  Save when you buy MULTIPLE packages as the set up price goes down.  We can also print on the back for a small additional fee.


QUANTITY PRICING=  2-3 Pkgs save an additional $1.50 per pkg.  Than as you buy even more, you'll save even more!

This is a CUSTOMIZED item. Please FOLLOW these instruction:  Click the PDF or
the PRODUCT that gives you the instrutions  A-PR -- Personalization Instructions

BC-Preferred Cards (Customized by us)--Pkg has 50 cards. Front printed in color on matte cardstock. BACK is customized by us. Fill in options.
Key 4-Get Sales Soaringby using these products beginning with "4" to inform and create desire to have your produts, or reasons to buy now!
A Regular Price forBC-PR- Business Cards PRINTED $5.99/pkg of 50

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BCD43013PR -- Preferred Customer Reward CARD PERSONALIZED by us -50

BCD43013PR -- Preferred Customer Reward CARD PERSONALIZED by us -50

Reward your customers for coming back to you again and again by giving them "Preferred Customer Cards!" This helps you ...

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