EB70918 -LT- Dream Be more tracking ERASE BOARD

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Dream More, Learn More, Care More, Be More! tracking board so you can see what is working for you in your business

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Give everyone at your meeting (or get one for yourself!)  Go through the instructions on the back and explain how important it is to TRACK and ANALYZE what they are DOING and to constantly be improving and making changes in order to achieve their goals. 


This is designed to go along with the 23-LMP meeting plan.


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GRAPHIC READS: Dream More, Learn More, Care More, Be More!  It then has graph squares so you can TRACK your Bookings, Sales and Recruit Leads.  Instructions and example are printed on the BACK of the board


If you need the Wet Erase Pen (we like because the tip is finer than dry erase and it is easy to wipe off smaller sections with a damp (not wet) cloth) add it in the options and it will be shipped with your order.


(This is printed on the BACK of the board)

EB7144 - Instructions for Dream More Erase Board:

This board is to help you visually keep track of what ACTIONS you are taking to DO MORE
in the main 3 areas of your business: Booking, Sales & Recruit Leads.

In order to have MORE you must know where you ARE.
 ---- Analyze your business and see what your averages are.
Fill them in on the chart.  Based on your averages decide what each square represents
and notate it.  Draw lines in each section across the chart that reflects your current averages.
(Use the ACTION DATA Tracking sheet included in the DOWNLOAD TAB of the  23-LMP Dream, Be, MORE Training item.)

Then you must have a GOAL
 ---- Decide what you WANT.  Fill in your goals.

Now, decide what ACTION STEPS you are going to take.
 ---- Fill them in on the BACK of the board.  Give each action a code.   (See the suggestion
list- use ours or add your own.)  Pick 3 ACTIONS for each section for the week.  
Put the CODE for the ACTION you are going to implement that week on the front
(bottom line of each area.)  

Fill in the upcoming DATES along the top.  
 ---- The Board allows for 4 weeks each month, for a total of 3 months.

As you begin to implement an action track your results --  
 ---- put dots for accomplishments in the column that represents HOW you achieved the
desired results.   You may want to put the restulst from one party on first row, 2nd party
on row 2, etc. At the end of each week, total all the dots for the week & put it on the Blue
or Purple line.  Then draw graph lines from week to week so you can see your progress.

The next week's 3 columns:
 ---- Analyze what was MOST effective and add it to the next week.  
 ---- Look at what was |LEAST effective and analyze WHY you think is was not effective.
 ---- Change your approach and try again.  
 ---- Pick a different ACTION STEP from the back of the board.  Repeat this week after
week analyzing what is working, what is not and the reasons why.  
 ---- Use different combinations and try different things with different groups or
party chains so your parties are fresh and interesting.
 ---- Remember results will vary depending on the number of parties held but this will give
you a great visual to see what is working.

     suggestions & CODES:
P or S- Booked at Party or Show
ST- used stickers in catalogs &
     mentioned during party
K-Promoted Book Parties
C- Made phone calls
BL- Booking Blitz
PD- Pick a Date, Pick a Prize
G-Played a Booking Game
GO- Played Bingo to get bookings
CK-Improved Check-Out procedure
SI- used stickers on invitations
PO-Sent Postcards about booking

     suggestions & CODES:
T-Focused on Sets
ST- used stickers in catalogs
     & mentioned during party
G-Focused on Gifts
CK-Improved Check-Out procedure
O-Outside Orders
E-Email Promotion
M-Mail Promotion
C-Made phone calls
PC-Preferred Customers

     suggestions & CODES:
RE-Offered gifts for referrals
H-Offered started shows to hosts
ST- used stickers in catalogs
     & mentioned during party
CK-Improved Check-Out procedure
C-Made follow up phone calls
PO-Sent postcards about opportunity
GF-Gave opportunity Gift

Key 1-Get Bookings Boomingby using these products beginning with "1" to plant seeds & encourage questions about the benefits you offer.
EB-Erase Board--8 1/2" x 11" printed in Full color on Heavy Cardstock and Laminated to last. We recommend you use at WET ERASE pen (See VEB-PEN). Wipe off with DAMP, not wet tissue. (wet wipes work great!)
A Regular Price forEB-Erase Board $2.79 each

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EB70918 -LT- Dream Be more tracking ERASE BOARD

EB70918 -LT- Dream Be more tracking ERASE BOARD

Dream More, Learn More, Care More, Be More! tracking board so you can see what is working for you in your business

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