9-08 -- Benefits of sending Holiday Cards

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The holidays are right around the corner and it is time to be thinking about sending holiday or Christmas cards.  The question is … is it worth it?

To help you decide, here are a few of the benefits.

1- Builds Relationship!

Let’s face it … the products the majority of you sell can be purchased ANYWHERE.  Now wait… I know, the quality is not the same, the variety is not the same, the convenience of calling you is not the same and the SERVICE is not the same.  But, if they are already at the store and they need the product you offer, or it is on sale do you want them to purchase it at the store or from you?  You, of course, but for that to happen you MUST have developed a relationship where they wouldn’t even THINK of getting something from the store that they could get from you.  Sending Holiday Cards (as well as doing many of the other customer service strategies we teach) helps to BUILD that relationship!

2- It is a WIN WIN activity! 

You feel good sending them and THEY feel good getting them!  It lets them know you are thinking of them and you are not even asking for a sale, you just want to let them know you appreciate them.  Does WALMART send them a Christmas card?  Your ROI or return on investment is that you are building your relationship that eventually generates sales in the new year!

3- Affordable! 

Cards are definitely less expensive than gifts and The Booster Holiday Postcards are less expensive to mail than regular cards!  But we offer regular folded cards as well!  Plus Booster Christmas cards themselves are directed to YOUR market with messages showing appreciation.  You can have US personalize most of them for you, or you can use our FREE templates and personalize them yourself (The postcards).  If you want to put them in envelopes we have those too!  We also have stickers like “I Love Christmas” and “Customers like you make my day” with a holiday look to use on the front of the postcards or to seal the envelopes!

TIP:  Order MORE than you need and have enough for next year!  Why?  As you finalize parties and send your hand-written Thank You card to your hosts, fill out next year's Holiday card at the same time!  Your relationship is fresh on your mind and you can quickly add something more personal.  Also, you can pick a few of your customers to send cards too as well, again, since you’ve just worked with them your message can be more personal.  Then next November, all you need to do is put on stamps and mail!


See our complete selection of Holiday/Christmas Cards on our website by clicking this link.  We’ve also included some other “Customer Appreciation” products you may want to use for hosts.  Thanksgiving & Christmas are a great time to send a “Customer Appreciation” gift to those who have really gone the extra mile in helping you during the year.

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9-08 -- Benefits of sending Holiday Cards

9-08 -- Benefits of sending Holiday Cards

Click VIEW to see how you can promote parties for MEN that help them become Holiday Heros!

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