7-BB- Build Your Team

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Booster Basics- HOW to Build your Team!
If you LOVE what you do, you obviously want to SHARE about it!
First, share about your products!  Help people to FALL IN LOVE with your product line!
How do you do that?  3 simple tips....

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BB7-Booster Basics- Building your Team

If you LOVE what you do, you obviously want to SHARE about it!

First, share about your products!  Help people to FALL IN LOVE with your product line!

How do you do that?  3 simple tips
A- Be enthusiastic!  Show the Passion you have for your products!
B- Share BENEFITS: Share WHY your products are so awesome and how they will benefit their lives.
C- LISTEN so you can offer specific ways you (and your products) can be of service to the people you meet!

SECOND- Share about your opportunities!

How do you do this? 3 simple tips:
A- Share your passion for your products, their benefits -- how they help your customers.
B- After LISTENING, if it applies, share HOW being a host or joining your team could benefit their lives.
C- Attract people to ASK you about your opportunities! 

Let's focus on C- ATTRACT!

Yes, your personality and passion for your products will ATTRACT interest.
Yes, your products will ATTRACT interest.

BUT, it that enough?

Wouldn't you like your customers, and people you meet to ASK YOU about your products or opportunities?
Booster products are specifically designed to create interest in your products without YOU always having the be the aggressive person.  They ATTRACT interest and encourage people to ASK YOU questions.

Another cool thing that happens is the BRAIN CONNECTION or BRAIN OVERFLOW!

What is Brain Overflow?  I'll explain in a minute, but first let me ask you a question....

Which gets a better response:

1- Asking your spouse to do something over and over and over again....
2- Creating a situation where doing what you want done is your spouse's idea and they CHOOSE to do it?

1 or 2? 

Which situation generates a person being interested in what you say?

1- YOU telling your customers why they would want to book a party or join your team?
2- Your Customers ASKING you about having a party or joining your team?

1 or 2?

So, what is Brain Overflow?  It is my term to explain how the conscious and sub-conscious mind works.

When we CHOOSE to do something, we are much more excited and passionate about doing it than when someone TELLS us to do it, right?

For some people, they see the immediate benefit of your products or services (booking, joining your team) and will jump at the opportunities you offer.

But, for others, their CONSCIOUS mind may want to jump at the chance, but their SUBSCONSCIOUS mind blocks them and starts feeding their conscious thoughts all kinds of reasons NOT to do what they WANT to do.  This actually STOPS them from taking action.

So, what can you do?

STEP 1- Give logical REASONS for them to justify their decision to take action (whether it is to make a purchase, host a party, or join your team.)  However, their sub-conscious mind my still stop them.  Some call this 'limiting beliefs'.
STEP 2- Feed the sub-conscious  mind with REASONS and create the DESIRE for them to take action.  You want to do this to the point that the sub-conscious mind spills into the conscious mind and ALLOWS the decision, in fact, they'll think it is THEIR idea and CHOOSE to take action!

Step 1 should be done in a combination of ways:
A- Demo your products, pointing out benefits- solving their problems.
B- Testimonials from your customers - encourage them to share about the products they love.
C- Using STICKERS by products in your catalogs (and mention the stickers) to draw attention, create interest, and help your customers get familiar with your catalog so they know where products are to order them.

Step 2 begins BEFORE the party and continues during and after the party.
A- Use stickers (booking, recruiting, company specific and product related) on your invitations to start planting seeds and create awareness of what you offer.
B- As mentioned in C of step 1- Use STICKERS in your catalogs.  Remember Step 2 is to feed the sub-conscious mind.  Your customers will read the slogans over and over again as they flip through your catalogs.  Be honest, how many times can you say the same slogan during a party?  Maybe 2 -3 times.  More than that and they will think you are being pushy.  Let the stickers do the talking for you!  As they absorb the slogans, you'll be filling their sub-conscious with benefits and reasons to be interested in what you offer!


Soon, they'll be asking YOU questions and you'll be able to give them logical reasons to justify their interest.  This will "spark" their desire and light their fire!

Oh, and another way to get them reading the slogans over and over again is to use the "Pen Pal" stickers on your pens. 

One more thing, remember, the WAY in which we design our stickers engages BOTH sides of the brain!  Your customers will be drawn to read them and then, because of the "logo look" and hand-designed graphics their sub-conscious mind will read them over and over again as they just glance at them.  This is exactly why companies put their little LOGOS on things that they sponsor.  They understand that people will not actually take the time to look at every logo, but their BRAINS will read them and they will register good, positive feelings in the sub-conscious mind.

Go NOW and click on the selection of products I've included with this training.  You'll find BUTTONS you can wear to encourage people to talk to you when you are out and about.  You'll find signs you can put up in your party display, or displays at fairs or events.  Plus, you'll find a selection of some of our customer's favorite stickers (that have PROVEN to be effective in boosting bookings and recruits!)

P.S.  I've also included some CHRISTMAS designs!  The holidays are right around the corner and you'll want to get started immediately to encourage people to join your team so they can earn money for the holidays!


Place your order TODAY and get started watching your business grow!

BB7 -- Build your Team

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In this category I've put some of our most popular stickers, postcards etc. to set yourself apart at a price you can afford!


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7-BB- Build Your Team

7-BB- Build Your Team

Booster Basics- HOW to Build your Team!
If you LOVE what you do, you obviously want to SHARE about it!
First, share about your products!  Help people to FALL IN LOVE with your product line!
How do you do that?  3 simple tips....

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