S20398 -ls- Call guests Find 5 guests -20 LARGE STICKERS

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Encourage your hostesses to make calls using this sticker.  Click VIEW for more details...

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Encourage your hostesses to make calls using this sticker.

GRAPHIC READS: Call your guests! Earn more credits by finding the 5 guests with this sticker on their invitation! Have them bring it to receive a prize!

IDEA: Put a unique sticker like" We bring the store to your door" (PR40344A or B) or "Gifts for all occasions" (S40427) on 5 of the party invitations and mail them out. Or the (S10404) "Pick a Prize"-  see Review below!

Challenge your hostess to find which 5 guests received those stickers.

Put this sticker on the front of the "Your invitations are in the mail" postcard (PP20516CT). Put the sticker they are looking for below this sticker (actually overlap it under the arched wording) so your hostess knows which sticker she is looking for.

During your hostess coaching tell her you will be doing this and if she makes the calls and finds the 5 people, you'll give her something special. Remind your hostess to tell those guests that they'll receive a prize when they bring their invitation to the party.

Just think what this can do for you! It encourages your hostesses to make the calls and encourages greater attendance to your party! Tell your hosts she receives something more if all 5 guests come to the party!

Here is a "call scenario" you can share with your hosts:
HOST: Hello __(guest's name)___. This is __(host's name) __I'm calling to remind you about my __(company)_ party on __(date)__. Did you receive your invitation? Do you know where it is? GUEST: (Her response) then respond accordingly with something like this: Could you go get it? Because, on that invitation there may be a special sticker that wins us both a prize. (Ask which stickers are on the invitation, reinforce the value of each '--See the K-Invite Pack) then if the prize winning stickers is on the invitation, tell them to bring the invitation to the party for a gift.

See FREE TRAINING then Key 2 for more ideas

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REVIEW from Krista Bainbridge- WI-
Just thought I'd share this, I have two parties scheduled this month and decided to use that sticker game from The Booster (where you put five of a special sticker on random invites and use that to get the hostess to call to find out) and it is working REALLY well so far. The one hostess has found 2 of the 5, but because of her calling, found out some people couldn't attend, but was able to get $250 in outside orders. The other girl has been calling and is getting commitment from people she didn't think would come (they were happy that she personally called them), she said 'This is FUN! I don't even care if I get the prize, I am so excited all these people are coming!'
I use a thank you card that I print, Once I print the card, I put the 'Call Your Guests' square sticker (PR259) on it, a 'Call Them and They Will Come' sticker, and the 'special' sticker that I had placed on the 5 guest invites so that the host knows what they are hunting for. (You may want to note the names of the guests that you placed the special sticker on prior to mailing out the guest invites.) I've been using the 'Pick a Date & Pick a Prize' sticker. Also since they feel special, at least two of the guests that the host called have indicated to the hostess, that 'if I like the candles when I get there, I will host a party'. So using that sticker may have just boosted my pre-bookings.

LS-Large Stickers-20--20 bright, shiny, coated, colorful, 2" tall by 1 3/4" wide stickers on each 8 1/2" x 11" sheet which is 3-hole punched for easy filing in a binder
Key 2-Have Happier Hostsby using these products beginning with "2" to encourage hosts and keep them informed. This helps them to work harder on their party or show.
A Regular Price for StickersS-Stickers (LS, LSPP, & S) is $1.99/sheet.

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S20398 -ls- Call guests Find 5 guests -20 LARGE STICKERS

S20398 -ls- Call guests Find 5 guests -20 LARGE STICKERS

Encourage your hostesses to make calls using this sticker.  Click VIEW for more details...

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