EB71040 -*LT- Make a Difference! ERASE BOARD

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Set goals, list what you will do and what you will KEEP doing to reach them on this Erase Board that can go with your  Kick off meeting or ANY meeting!

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Set goals, list what you will do and what you will KEEP doing to reach them on this Erase Board that can go with your goal setting meeting!

GRAPHIC READS: Make a Difference! with Goals, What I will do now & What I will KEEP doing! sections.

EB7136 -- Make a Difference ERASEBOARD. 

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This Board has 3 different sections. First, a place to write your goal for the year. What do you want to see happen? You may want to include goals for self, family and business. Setting goals that you will see everyday helps you to stay focused and envision what you want to have happen.

The next section is "What I will do NOW:" We put this on the erase board because no matter what you teach them, if they don’t go home and TAKE ACTION and begin to apply the things they’ve learned, there will be little benefit. So, what we want to do is create a way for you to implement an ACTION step into every meeting.
We’ve developed a postcard PP70693C I’ll make a difference. What we suggest is that at the end of every meeting you give them this card.

Ask them to write on the card what concepts that they have just learned during your meeting that they will begin to implement immediately. Actually give them a few minutes to fill in the card AT your meeting. This will help them cement those concepts in their minds. Then ask them to take the card home and transfer their list onto the Erase Board. Once they have done this, ask them to mail the card back to you. (You may want to put your address sticker on the reverse side before you give it to them or have them all put your address on it at the same time.) WHY? First, they are consciously thinking about what you’ve taught them and how it will apply to them as they fill out the card. When they transfer the info onto the EB they commit again. When they mail it back to you, they are making yet another commitment. Now, what are YOU going to do with those cards?

That’s where the HC1036 -- Make A Difference Bag comes in. First use it as a decoration at your meeting. Then, during the meeting explain how the bag will be used throughout the year:

When you get those cards in the mail each month, keep them all together.

When you get to your meeting, refer to the cards as you refresh what you taught and discussed the previous month. Invite your team members to share their achievements and challenges. Then, put the cards in the bag and use them for your drawings that you do throughout the meeting! You’ll KEEP those cards in the bag and the next month bring the bag back again for more cards to be entered.

(NOTE: This is why the BAG is perfect. It folds down, with the cards inside and next month, just open it up again and put it on the table. Small and compact -- easy to transport!)

Knowing they have more chances to win will not only encourage them to mail in the card (And it MUST BE MAILED IN TO QUALIFY) but it will keep them attending meetings and following up on the concepts because they MUST be in attendance to win and the more meetings they attend and the more cards they send back, the more chances to win they will have!

Now, the third section of the erase board; What I will KEEP doing. At your meeting you’ll discuss what worked from the previous challenges they took upon themselves and you’ll ask the to think about which things they are for sure going to KEEP DOING! When they get home, ask them to move an item or two they are going to keep doing onto that part of the board and erase the bottom section and fill it in with the new information. This keeps the board fresh and interactive and it is used all year long.

Too many time we incorporate something new into our business and then in the excitement of trying yet another NEW concept we stop doing what brought us success. This board is to keep these new habits fresh and right in front of us until they become an automatic part of doing business.

Key 7-Motivate & Inspireby using these products beginning with "7" to encourage behavior with your hosts and team members. (Kids love them too!)
EB-Erase Board--8 1/2" x 11" printed in Full color on Heavy Cardstock and Laminated to last. We recommend you use at WET ERASE pen (See VEB-PEN). Wipe off with DAMP, not wet tissue. (wet wipes work great!)
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EB71040 -*LT- Make a Difference! ERASE BOARD

EB71040 -*LT- Make a Difference! ERASE BOARD

Set goals, list what you will do and what you will KEEP doing to reach them on this Erase Board that can go with your  Kick off meeting or ANY meeting!

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