BM70956 -LT- Limb-Fruit-Seeds-Apples BOOKMARK

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Give this to the members of your team to remind them to take risks and plant SEEDS!

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Give this to the members of your team to remind them to take risks and plant SEEDS!

GRAPHIC READS: Go out on a limb.. that is where the fruit is! How many seeds
   are in an apple? How many apples are in a seed?

Plant seeds to grow your business!  

Enthusiastically Seek Someone Every Day!

Give these to everyone at your meeting!

Challenge YOUR team to plant seeds and KEEP TRACK!  Offer them prizes for those who bring those leads and are willing to share results at your next meeting.
Pass around this sticker (PR70957) to put in their notebooks and tell them you are going to play a quick game.  You want an acronym for the word SEEDS.  Tell them the sticker has a hint.  Once your have some suggestions, pass out the bookmark.  Share the acronym for SEEDS and explain that it doesn’t read exactly right (so the slogan is below) but is a reminder of the importance to SEEK for what they want. Challenge them to THINK about what seeds they are planting as they use the bookmark.

This was designed to go along with a Theme meeting
but of course has many other uses. 

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Key 7-Motivate & Inspireby using these products beginning with "7" to encourage behavior with your hosts and team members. (Kids love them too!)
BM-Bookmarks--Laminated Bookmarks are individually priced. They are 2 " x 5 1/4" and will fit in most envelopes. Put a sticker with your info on the back or you can write on them with a permanent "SHARPIE" type marker.
A Regular Price forBM-Bookmarks 39¢ each

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BM70956 -LT- Limb-Fruit-Seeds-Apples BOOKMARK

BM70956 -LT- Limb-Fruit-Seeds-Apples BOOKMARK

Give this to the members of your team to remind them to take risks and plant SEEDS!

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