1-Put the PARTY back into Party Plan TRAINING

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1-PARTY in Party Plan

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Imagine this:  

You, as the consultant, take a minute before starting your demonstration to look around the room at your host's guests.  The room is full, in fact your host had to set up a few more chairs to accommodate everyone.  You notice their happy faces, looking through your catalog and sharing items with their friends.  You think of the new friends you've just met as you greeted the guests as they arrived, contemplating how you will adjust your demo to fit their needs.  You glance at your host, she has a pleased expression on her face as she views her friends mingling and being excited to see the products.  You reflect on your conversations with her during the previous weeks, where your host coaching increased her enthusiasm and excitement.  You can smell the refreshments and relax, look over at your artfully prepared presentation table and are ready to start a stimulating party where your guests can learn and you can share about your company and products.

As your demonstration progresses you are tickled by the enthusiasm of your guests asking questions so your 'prize bag' moves from person to person.  When you show specific products it is thrilling to see your guests encourage their friends that 'this or that' product would be perfect for them.  You see several of the guests 'eying' your 'Book to Look' purses, envelopes, etc. that you strategically placed around the room to create curiosity.  You answer questions and help your guests to find the products you are demonstrating in their catalogs so it will be easier for them to order.  You notice they are adding items to their "Wish Lists" and this builds your confidence.  As you play the 'Bingo' game, your guests are asking about products mentioned, and you remind them of gift ideas.  Throughout your demo you are dropping one-liners like, "Why pay Full Price?  Free is twice as nice!"  And them showing them an item they could earn for free by being a host.  You've also mentioned you would "Love to have them on your team" and that they "Really can make serious money while having fun!"  This has prompted questions about becoming a consultant.

As you've finished your demo, your guests are flipping through their catalogs and filling out their order forms.  Their friends are encouraging them that "Yes" you deserve 'it' and 'it' would be perfect for them.  Others are asking you what is included in your 'SETS' or 'Bundles' and what are the best deals because they want everything.  You smile and glance over at your host and notice she is smiling too........

THIS the “Party Plan” Business Model!  It is helping hosts to bring together a group of friends to learn about your products and purchase them in the comfort of her home!  By doing this, the host earns FREE and often discounted products.  Many time, your hosts or guests will be so impressed with you, your products and/or your company that they will decide to become a consultant themselves and join your team!


Unfortunately, many have left the traditional “Party Plan Model” and though they are in a “party plan”, they are no longer using this PROVEN model to generate sales and build their businesses.  They have been seduced into the “tech” world, where they think everything can be done from their computers and phones.  But, they don't realize they are competing against HUGE companies, who resources are far more than theirs.  Though some find success, it is difficult to sustain a thriving business.


              There are many reasons the 'party' model is so effective (think of the example above) but one of the MAIN ones is that when a group gets together, they encourage each other to learn and BUY!  With the move to “tech” this most effective tool is being overlooked and sales, bookings and recruits are going down!


 So, let’s put the P.A.R.T.Y back into Party Plan:

Have $1000 Parties SystemP: Plan!  You need to have a PLAN or System so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
Here's just a few ideas:
1:  Put an effective 'Host Coaching' system to work in your business that will generate greater attendance, and MORE of everything.
2:  Learn how to make the party more effective in generating sales, bookings and recruit leads.
3:  Help your guests realize your catalog is your store!  Get them familiar with your 'store' so they know where to find what they want.
4:  Implement fun games and ways to engage your guests during the party to keep them involved
5:  Learn how to close the sale!  Set up your order table to give you the opportunity to TALK to each of your guests so you not only get the sale but bookings and recruit leads.

Put Jenny B’s PROVEN “How to have $1000 Parties” System to work in your business.  This will help you be organized and more effective to book MORE parties, know what to do to get your hosts excited and committed to a successful party, get greater attendance, close greater sales, generate recruit leads and MORE!    

Putting a plan or system into action will help you be organized and more effective in having successful parties. 

A: Action!  You must DO what it takes! Meet people, make connections count, make the phone

calls, follow up, send the invitations, (yes, also do the “tech” stuff) , prepare you catalogs, etc.  “The more Action you take the more Progress you’ll make!”


R: Relationships!  Yes, you sell a product, but people can purchase your product from many different sources.  You are really in the business of building relationships with people so they trust you and enjoy buying from you.  Set yourself apart in customer service by doing the little things that make a BIG difference.  This will help you to build a committed customer base!  “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care ABOUT THEM!”

T: Time!  Success requires your TIME!  You have to be committed and consistent.  Make the time to follow-up and follow thru with your customers, hosts, leads, team members etc.  This IS your 'job', if you want to have income, you must do the work.   “We all have the same 24 hours.  It’s what you do with them that makes the difference.”  Be focused, be consistent. Set aside time each day to 'work' your business!


Y: Yearn to Earn!  You have to want it!  Desire to be successful.  “Put your passion into action!”  Set achievable goals that motivate you to DO what you need to do to make your dreams come true.  Believe in yourself!

Parties ARE the lifeblood of your business.  It is through them you meet people, generate sales and generate recruit leads.  As you put the P.A.R.T.Y into your party plan business you will find the success you've been told is possible.  Parties give you the opportunity for MORE!  More Bookings, More Sales, More Recruits and More Success.

CLICK How to Have $1000 Parties CATEGORY to see the SYSTEM and all the products included in it.

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 1-Put the PARTY back into Party Plan TRAINING

1-Put the PARTY back into Party Plan TRAINING

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