PI9-20 -- Mystery GHOSTESS Party in October

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It is a fun way to introduce people you know and don't know to an "open house" that YOU put on toward the end of October (Halloween~~Ghostess- Get it?)

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What is a Mystery GHOSTESS Party?
It is a fun way to introduce people you know and don't know to an "open house" that YOU put on toward the end of October (Halloween~~Ghostess- Get it?)
You invite previous hosts and guests, or people you’ve met, and most especially: new people you meet, to come! Most consultants hold them in their own homes, but they can be anywhere! A community center, home, club house etc. work great.

You could even do them with several other consultants from different companies.
PRO: This can be good because you send the invitations to YOUR list and they send them to THEIR list and you get to meet their contacts, and they get to meet yours.
CON: However, keep in mind that you are also splitting the money that people have to spend between all the different companies.

However, with the ideas we suggest, you’ll be doing more than just getting sales! We have suggestions to help you get bookings, recruit leads and greater sales, as well as encouraging them to bring friends, outside orders and fill out their wish lists! WHY do this? Because Boosting EVERY area of your business is our goal!!!

Now, we have created a Postcard invitation (PP930511C, PP930511CT or PP930511CTPR which encourages ALL THIS!

The card Postcard Invitation then suggests ways your guests can earn extra chances to be the Mystery Ghostess by booking, bringing friends, bringing outside orders, RSVP, purchases AT the party, setting a date to learn more about your opportunity and creating their Wish List! Each of these tasks result in extra tickets. Then, you will draw from those tickets for prizes and the Mystery Ghostess who will receive the host prizes from that party.
So, get a TON of these cards and hand them out to everyone you meet! Plan your event toward the end of the month so you have time to give out all through the month. This is a great way to invite people you don't know. Of course, you can send them to previous guests and hosts as well to kick off your fall season!

(We DO offer these personalized where WE can print your contact info and the party date info onto the card for you! Easy, Peazy!!! See PP930511CTPR.
Now, once they get to your party, you’ll want to remind them of the things to do to earn those extra chances to win. So, we have a "Check Off Card!" (PP930512CT) What you do is have enough cards to give to each person who comes. They then mark on the card how many "Chances" they get for all the different things they have done. This is a great reminder to Book, buy more, etc.

You are thanking them for coming and reminding them of the host rewards they can earn. (They get their FIRST chance to win just for coming!)

You are building your future sales by getting them to fill out their “Wish List” so you can contact their friends or family to purchase those items as gifts for them. (They’ll get TWO extra chances to win!)
NOTE: We have the Wish lists cards all ready for you. PP40131CT -- DOUBLE SIDED-DRAWING CARD & WISH LIST TEXT POSTCARDS

We also have a Sticker S930511: "Come see if you are our Mystery Ghostess!!!" to use on the FRONT of invitations you mail, or on regular invitations your company offers if you don't want to encourage the "extra" chances to win.

Here are the simple steps to have a FABULOUS Mystery Ghostess Party: (Of course these are just ideas, and you can custom fit these ideas for your product and party style.)
1. Decide whether it is going to be an actual “Demo” type party with a starting time, or if you are going to do it “Open House” style. Decide on your Date, Time & Place.
2. Decide on what promotions you want to have, how you want to encourage bookings, greater attendance, sales, etc.
3. Prepare you mailing list of previous customers or hosts you want to send the invitations to so you know how many invitations and stickers to order. (Plan on extras to hand out to additional people you meet.)
4. Order the “Check Off” lists for the number of guests you think you will have. You will give one to every guest so they can total up their extra chances to win and turn it in to you when they give you their order.
5. Print out your invitations or flyers and sticker them. Print enough to mail and also print extras to start handing out to people you meet around town.
6. Prepare “tickets” to give to your guests as they meet the different challenges mentioned below. (You can use roll tickets or prepare your own.)
7. Prepare everything you need for your event at LEAST ONE DAY IN ADVANCE. WHY? So you’ll have time to make your reminder CALLS on the day before (starting the evening before that.)
8. Make those CALLS! You’ve done all the work to prepare everything … be SURE to take the time to make the calls. Remind them to bring their friends for more chances to win.
9. On the day of your event, HAVE FUN! Have someone to help you with finalizing orders or showing products so you have the time to meet and greet all those that come. Follow up on the prizes you’ve promised. Remember, your goal is to get bookings and plant recruiting seeds as well as getting sales at your event.

Remember, plan in ADVANCE and during the couple of week prior to your party have invitations with you at all time. When you meet new people, or run into old friends at the grocery store, etc. give them an invitation on the spot. Jot down their names, (get their phone number if you can) and remember to add them to your call list.


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 PI9-20 -- Mystery GHOSTESS Party in October

PI9-20 -- Mystery GHOSTESS Party in October

It is a fun way to introduce people you know and don't know to an "open house" that YOU put on toward the end of October (Halloween~~Ghostess- Get it?)

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