5-Imagine people BUYING

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5-Imagine people BUYING

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Imagine this:  ....  You reflect on your conversations with her during the previous weeks, where your host coaching increased her enthusiasm and excitement. .

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Imagine this:  

You can smell the refreshments and relax, look over at your artfully prepared presentation table and are ready to start a stimulating party where your guests can learn and you can share about your company and products.

When you show specific products it is thrilling to see your guests encourage their friends that 'this or that' product would be perfect for them.  You answer questions and help your guests to find the products you are demonstrating in their catalogs so it will be easier for them to order.

This week we are going to discuss Preparing your Catalogs for SALES!

I was listening to the radio today and heard a quote (I hope I got it right) It said that 80% of the sales for a company are generated by 10% of the sales force!  That is ASTOUNDING!  Their reason: The sales force is NOT trained to SELL!

Yes, there are specific things you can do to boost your sales!  I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "Our products sell themselves!"  If that is true, why do some people SELL more than others?

There is a technique to selling, but there is even MORE of a technique to NOT being a PUSHY salesperson, but creating an atmosphere where the customers DESIRES to BUY your products.  That is what we are all about!

My grandfather (who had one of the largest sales organizations in the country during the depression years) taught me that one of the secrets of SELLING is to "Sell the Sizzle... not the Steak!"  What this means, is it is important that you explain / show / inspire your customers with how your products will SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS ... whatever they may be.

But first, you have to draw attention to the problem and the products... create AWARENESS!  This is how you "plant seeds" and then germinate those seeds into healthy plants that DESIRE your products.

0-17 Stickers in your CatalogsThis is where preparing your catalogs comes in.  Your catalog is your STORE and you want to help your customers become familiar with your store so they know to find what they want.   SEE the training for more.... (Please NOTE: the product numbers in the PDF are old numbers but you can search and find them, or click on the CATEOGRY in the training and all the products are listed.)

CLICK 5-IMAGINE PEOPLE BUYING CATEGORY to see a brief selection of the items mentioned in the training.






Follow the links in the training (OR CLICK THE GRAPHICS) to the categories of products to Prepare your Catalogs for Sizzlin' sales!

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 5-Imagine people BUYING

5-Imagine people BUYING

Imagine this:  ....  You reflect on your conversations with her during the previous weeks, where your host coaching increased her enthusiasm and excitement. .

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