7-03 – Convention Challenges

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Challeng your team to fill their datebooks for their return from conventions so they can make the most of the enthusiasm and new concepts they learn.  Request BOOSTER SHARE Flyers to earn Referral Credits and give your friends a VOUCHER to use on their first order.

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A few years ago  while at one of the conventions we attended, someone told me she was getting challenge gifts for her gals that came to the convention with their date books filled with parties IMMEDIATELY on their return from convention.

She said that usually, her gals were getting ready for convention and not really looking beyond convention so they weren't ready to make the most of the enthusiasm generated AT conventions or conferences.

So, I thought it was a good idea to pass on the idea of challenging your team to fill their datebooks for their return. Encourage them to get their families involved, that even though they will be gone for a few days, they'll need to go to work immediately upon their return!

Remember to offer challenges to those who are not attending conventions so they will keep working while you are gone!

While you are at convention send home a postcard from the  location where you are with a  motivational type sticker along with a short note.  If you want to get them done in advance and just mail them from convention city, use some of the motivational postcards shown below and when you mail them from the convention city they will have that city's postage mark on them.

I already have several ideas posted on our blog and website you can share with your team to help them fill their datebooks NOW:  (The links below will take you to the BLOG POSTS.   Then at the bottom of the Blog post is a link to the website category where ALL the products mentioned in the training are shown.)

PI-9401 — Sizzling Summer = Fabulous Fall! Summer Fun events

T6-01 — Use Money to Make Money & Get it Free!

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T1-01 — Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date-Pick a Prize!

T4-06 — New Catalogs???? Old Catalogs??? (Read this training on our BLOG

Even if YOU are not attending convention, you know that there's always great news introduced so get your team (or yourself) excited to start promoting the new products immediately!   Don't wait to find out what they are, just create curiosity by telling them, "You want to set your date for as soon as I return from convention so you'll be the first to see the new products!"

We also have a few motivational items you could use to get your team hyped about the new things you'll be learning at convention or conference. (They are listed below this item on the website.  Follow the link below.)

There are ideas for things you could use as gifts for your team once they've achieved their goals.  We will NOT be attending ANY Summer Conventions this year, so place your order NOW so you have your items in time!

Sheets of stickers or packages of postcards make great gifts too.  As you give them products they use to boost their business, it is a WIN WIN situation because the products help them to be more successful too!  You can include a TEAM CARD or BOOKMARK with the gift of a sheet of stickers and a Post IT pad.  Put them in a cute cello bag, tie it with a ribbon and it is a useful gift that has something they keep for themselves as well.

TEAM BUTTONS are another fun thing to do for those going to convention (and to give to ALL your team members to feel part of something special.)  
We can design your buttons for you!



Whether or not you are attending a convention   YOU can share with your friends in the business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our product line is SO EXTENSIVE, and we print many of our items as ordered so we will NOT be attending ANY conventions this summer.  If you would like to take some Sample Sticker Strips to convention to share with your team or people you meet at convention, please  ADD the
A-SSCA-C -- 25 strips of 14 STICKERS to share! LIMIT 1 
item to your order.  We will send you 25 strips.


These stickers are a $9.95 value for FREE.   We trust you that when you say you'll share them.  We are happy to send these to you, and appreciate your willingness to share, but your order MUST BE A MINIMUM of $15 for these to be included. And if you only order downloads it will not be sent.


Once you get home, send us an email that you passed out all your stickers and we will issue you a VOUCHER worth $10 off your next order!


Send the email to Jennybb@thebooster.com



So, plan now to challenge your team to fill their datebooks so they'll get to work immediately when they return from conventions!  They'll be excited and this will really help to jump start their business!


Once you've read the idea,  Here is the direct link to products:


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7-03 – Convention Challenges

7-03 – Convention Challenges

Challeng your team to fill their datebooks for their return from conventions so they can make the most of the enthusiasm and new concepts they learn.  Request BOOSTER SHARE Flyers to earn Referral Credits and give your friends a VOUCHER to use on their first order.

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