9-22 -- A few ideas for a Fabulous Falll to Cash in on Holiday Sales

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A few ideas for a Fabulous Fall to Cash in on Holiday Sales!

The fall season is your most profitable season! These 3 - 4 months: September thru December can make the difference in your business being a hobby or a real business. What defines this? Whether or not you are making money!!! If making MORE money in LESS time is your goal, then you'll want to check out this training!

BOOK!!! SELL!!! RECRUIT!!! It's a pretty simple formula. Let's discuss few ideas in each of these areas:

BOOK (Key 1) Give your guests lots of options to book.

1) Plant recruiting seeds! Use stickers to let your customers know the benefits of hosting a party! Remember, STICKERS keep talking when you stop. When Key 1 Booking stickers are used on your invitations, in your catalogs, on other literature or Key 1: Sticker Digital Download graphics posted online, you create a desire for customers to host a party to earn free products, etc.

2) Remind your customers that your products make great gifts and this will encourage them to host a party to meet their own gift-giving needs. See more details about this below under SELL.

3) Offer "Book" or "Catalog" parties! Let your guests earn free products by sharing your catalogs and products at family Thanksgiving get together (Turkey Trots) at work "Santa Sack" or "Reindeer Dash" or even create some competition by having a "12 Days of Christmas Contest". All of these ideas are posted on our website. See Free Training: T9: Seasonal.

4: Have Successful Parties! As you have successful parties, more will want to be involved in hosting as well.

5: Seasonal Success -- Kick off Christmas! 9-03 -- MAKE SEASON MOST PROFITABLE IDEA Get started using the booking, sales and recruiting stickers with the holiday themes to get people thinking about Christmas gifts. Read through that training. You'll find lots of concepts you can implement to boost your entire business.

SELL: Key 4 Boost Sales!

1: Check out the training: 4-KEY4B-PDF -- BOOST SALES BY SELLING GIFTS.
It has TONS of ideas including:
1. Suggest reasons to buy gifts at the party.
2. How can YOU be more effective in SELLING GIFTS?
A) Use stickers to remind them of upcoming events.
B) Sell in sets.
C) Use one-liners throughout your demonstrations.
D) Offer “Gift Cards!” or “Gift Certificates”
E) Offer free gift wrapping.
F) Invite your guests to fill out WISH LISTS.
G) Call your “Preferred Customers” or mail them postcards with gift ideas.
H) Stash a Few for Gifts.

Sometimes the guests at your parties will just buy one small item so that they feel like they’ve helped support the host. These guests forget that they’ve got to run to the store the next day to buy a birthday gift for their daughter, or a wedding gift for the neighbor, etc. Stick the stickers and mention the one-liners as we discussed in this training and you will reach your potential for thousands of dollars in additional sales.

2: Another training that will give you LOTS of ideas is 4-06 -- 10 WAYS TO SELL MORE In this training you are reminded Your catalog is your store. It is where your customers can look for special deals, gift ideas, new items, etc. Just as the stores mark their sale racks with bright signs, you need to draw attention to your specials and highlight certain products. It includes specific ideas on these topics:

1. Highlight sale items, new products, customer favorites and cash and carry items with stickers. You may be wondering “why should I put stickers inside each catalog? Is it really worth the effort?” (You'll find some things to think about in this training!)
2. Put together “Sets” or “Bundles” to boost sales of products.
3. Build a relationship with your customers.
4. Put your contact info on every catalog.
5. Let your customers know they can take the catalog home, order from you anytime, and share it with a friend.
6. Remind your customers of upcoming events for which they’ll need gifts!
7. Use Booking and Recruiting stickers to highlight specials shown in the catalog or inserts.
8. Remind them of your demo.
9. Prepare your order forms as well!
10. Put it all together in a guest folder for each customer.
Keep attention centered on your products! When you go to this FREE training on our website, you can click to hear AUDIO training of all these ideas too! To see all the products related to this training see:
Home > FREE Training > T4-Sales > Key4B-Sell GIFTS

RECRUIT: Key 6 Recruit & Sponsor!

Tis the season to MAKE MONEY! The Fall Season is traditionally your most profitable season so it is perfect to promote joining your team! Check out the training 6-04 -- TIS THE SEASON TO BUILD TEAM & DREAMS
We often talk about recruiting throughout the year and the importance of sponsoring others onto your team in order to build a residual income. Those of you who are building a team know the joys and struggles, the rewards and work, the benefits and sacrifices involved in helping others to identify, find and build their dreams. So, how do we sponsor new members of our team while being honest in both our presentation and building their expectations? We have many slogans of stickers, that reflect this benefit of “You really can make serious money while having fun” or “Make full time pay for part time hours” which some may say feeds into this expectation, but we also have slogans like “The only time Success comes before work is in the Dictionary” or “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

Your responsibility as a leader is to help your team to understand that you are there to HELP them achieve their dreams, but it requires consistency, belief and work on their part. In this training we'll discuss more on these principles:

1) Make sure your parties are FUN and inviting.
2) Plant recruiting seeds on your invitations and in your catalogs.
3) Pay attention when you see that a seed may be germinating.
4) Let them know that by joining your team, they are joining a SUCCESSFUL team. I suggest that you actually put together a sheet of expectations: (both what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.) Some ideas are included in this training!
5) Continue as you start.
6) Recognize that while helping others to build their business, you are also helping them to build themselves!

Now, let’s talk about “The Season!” The above advice can be used all year long and the advice I’m going to share can really be used all year long, but since we are at the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season I wanted to focus on some specifics.

People are wondering how they are going to provide Christmas for their children, family and friends. They want this season to be joyous. YOU have the POWER to be a part of the solution. You have the POWER to change people’s lives. YOU have the power to make a difference in people’s lives! Grasp it and become part of the solution. Everything you do now will position you to not only have a fabulous Christmas, but as the economy gets better and better (and I believe it will) you and your team will be in the position to grow your business even more. You and your team will have made the contacts, you’ll have the hosts and customers who are using your products. You’ll be in position to move from where you are to where you want to be.

We at The Booster are honored to be your partner in this growth and pursuit of your dreams. Let’s roll…. To see ALL the products mentioned in this training go to this category:
Home > FREE Training > T6-Recruit > T6-04 -- Tis the Season to Build your Team

Another training you may want to check out is 9-03 -- MAKE SEASON MOST PROFITABLE IDEA, which shows most of our Christmas products: To see all the products mentioned in this training and other holiday ideas see:
Home > FREE Training > T9-Seasonal > T9-03 – Make this Christmas Season MORE Profitable!


 Start NOW to have a Fabulous Fall which will help you have your most Profitable Christmas Season EVER!  Order TODAY!










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 9-22 -- A few ideas for a Fabulous Falll to Cash in on Holiday Sales

9-22 -- A few ideas for a Fabulous Falll to Cash in on Holiday Sales

Click VIEW to see some ideas on how to make this holiday season your most profitable ever!

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