K9-DASH Pack -- Reindeer Dash Starter Pack

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Save 20% -- ONLY $11.24 on this Retail Value $14.06 PACK of products.  This pack includes everything you need to get STARTED doing "Reindeer Dash" to boost your holiday sales!

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$12.65 tax excl.


$14.06 tax excl.

Save 20% -- ONLY $11.24 on this Retail Value $14.06 PACK of products.  Would you like to have a bunch of parties going on all at the same time?  The Holidays are so busy and EVERYONE has a need to purchase gifts so this is a wonderful way to help them.  

What's great about this is you are dealing with muliple parties at once. You get everything ready for ALL of them at the same time. You schedule the close date to be the SAME day. You can then send all the reminders at the same time and on and on and on.

See all the details for the complete idea by clicking this link:  (This link takes you to the SANTA SACK idea- which is exactly the same as the Reindeer Dash- just a different name an look so you have a variety.)

 9-05 Santa Sacks IDEA

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The retail value of this pack is $13.70      

The items and quantity of items included in this pack are:

ONLY ONE Reindeer Dash Bag (HC1069)  (even though the picture shows 6 there is only 1 as this is a SAMPLE PACK)

An instructions PDF giving you info of how to Download the PDF’s on our website that you can customize with your  OWN information and print.  PDF’s include full instructions,     Advertising Rules and Rewards, Guest Benefits, Gift List and    Guest List.  Click the DOWNLOAD TAB.

4 individuals of each of the postcards we suggest using to get more “Reindeer Dash”    bookings PP91777CT and follow up reminders PP92778CT. (not full packages)
1 Sheet of “Ask me about a Reindeer Dash” stickers (S991129 -wp- Ask host Reindeer Dash DKSS..) to create interest! 54 individual stickers
1 Sheet of “Book your Reindeer Dash” stickers (S991777 -wp- Book Reindeer Dash BKMS -20...) to remind and encourage guests to book. 20 individual stickers.
4 Individual “Reindeer Dash Close Date” stickers (S992778-wp- Reindeer Dash Close Dates BKMS..) to put on the bag as a quick reminder.
1 Book your Reindeer Dash BUTTON (B991777 -- Book Reindeer Dash Party BUTTON-pk pack.

This starter pack does not include full packages of all the items listed. The items listed to your right of the image is the list of items in the pack as if purchased individually as full packages, but are listed to purchase individual items if wanted. For example the pack only includes ONE bag to order more click on the links of pack content and add more bags in sets of 6 to your order.

When you order this pack we will send you a PRINT OUT of the PDF, but you will also have access to it in your order history so you can print the Gift List and Guest List pages from your computer.


This is a $14.06  Value.  Order it NOW to get started advertising!


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HC-Handcrafted BagsHandcrafted White Craft paper bag approx 10" x 13" with twist handles. Decorated. Made to order. up to 1 week delay if ordered
A-K-Packs- If items sold separately value is:13.70

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 K9-DASH Pack -- Reindeer Dash Starter Pack

K9-DASH Pack -- Reindeer Dash Starter Pack

Save 20% -- ONLY $11.24 on this Retail Value $14.06 PACK of products.  This pack includes everything you need to get STARTED doing "Reindeer Dash" to boost your holiday sales!

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9-18-Reindeer Dash_Consultant_In

Reindeer Dash instructions for you to personalize

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