9-09 -- Holiday-Christmas Gifts for your Team or Friends IDEA

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Give the gift that keeps on giving!  When you give Booster Products to your team for Christmas ...

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T9-09 Booster Christmas Gifts IDEA
Christmas is quickly approaching and we have some fabulous ideas for Christmas Gifts
for your team, friends in the business, upline or even sideline.

But, why is giving Booster Products as Christmas Gifts such a good idea?

It is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone! Here's a few reasons why:

1- When you get a gift, aren't you excited to get it out and use it? Most people are and when you give Booster products to your team as a gift, they get back to work quicker in order to use it!

2- When you give Booster products it is a gift that gives a return many times over. It doesn't just save them money (if they were to purchase the products for themselves) but as they USE the products, they MAKE more money!

3- When they receive Booster products as a gift from you, it lets them know you are interested in helping them be more successful!

4- Your team members will be excited to try some new things and this will get them excited for the new year.

5- Whether you need gifts for your team, upline, crossline or friends in the business we have LOTS of ideas! Since Booster products have proven to give such a HUGE return on your investment your gift is a far greater value than what you are spending.

6- Our stickers and post cards are easy to "gift-wrap" ...  Just slide them into our Red Ribbon Envelope!

7- NO SALES TAX unless you live in Utah! That saves you an additional percentage over buy products locally!

8-For those of you who have long-distance teams, you can easily put together packs of stickers and sheets of postcards that are easily mailed! Most will fit in a Priority Mail Envelope! One more thing to make it easy. Or, we also offer "Gift Cards" that can be mailed in a card. Or, if you would like us to email them, just CALL our office at 435-245-6088 or 800-553-6692 for information.

9- Flat Rate Shipping! No matter the size of your order- our shipping is only $6.45! That is a great deal.

Now here are some suggestions for "Packs" of items you can put together.....

A:We have 10 Sheet DEALS  that include 10 sheets of stickers!  You can put them into gifts, use some yourself and put left overs in your "Prize Baskets" for those achievers in the upcoming months.

B: If you don't need 10 sheets, we have some individual sheets of Stickers and products to include in their gifts.  See the   T9-09 -- Holiday-Christmas Gifts! Category! (Or anywhere on the website, but these are some of our most popular.) You can use them in their gifts, or even to fill your prize basket for the coming year. Sales change each week!

D- Gift Cards: These BCMAS-5 -- BOOSTER $5.00 GIFT VOUCHERS are perfect if you have a large team. During this pre-Christmas sale you will get them at a discounted price, but when they redeem them they will be worth FULL VALUE. These are easily mailed, or we can even mail or email them for you (GIve us a call). Your team will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and will love getting started using Booster products themselves to Boost their businesses.

E- Many people love reference books. Check out the "Make your Connections Count" Book. And a perfect gift for new leaders would be the "Meeting Magic" book with lots of ideas for meetings

F- K-Packs are great selections of products to help you in every Key-Area of your business! You'll find all the K-Packs in their own category in the WEEKLY SALE!

G- Be sure to check out the CLEARANCE ITEMS- while supplies last, for some great deals!

Remember, YOUR Success and the Success of your team and friends is our goal! Booster products have PROVEN to help over 1 million consultants to be more successful! We would LOVE to add YOUR TEAM members to the list!

It is unbelievable to many how a 2¢ sticker can have such an impact on their businesses but if you are in doubt, read some of the testimonials on our website. Better yet, use this opportunity to try it for yourself. Track the results for yourself. Start the new year by doing what we teach and see how it impacts your business! I know you'll be impressed and excited by the results!


Go to the T9-09 -- Holiday-Christmas Gifts..CATEGORY
to see products related to the ideas above.

HC-Handcrafted BagsHandcrafted White Craft paper bag approx 10" x 13" with twist handles. Decorated. Made to order. up to 1 week delay if ordered

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9-09 -- Holiday-Christmas Gifts for your Team or Friends IDEA

9-09 -- Holiday-Christmas Gifts for your Team or Friends IDEA

Give the gift that keeps on giving!  When you give Booster Products to your team for Christmas ...

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