What are your Dreams?

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What are your Dream

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Thought from Jenny B

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I have been watching the Olympics, not because I am a huge sports fan,
but because I am a PEOPLE fan!

I absolutely LOVE seeing people be successful, and I love hearing their stories.

Now, not everyone that competes in the Olympics goes home with a medal,
but just the fact that they are Olympians is a success story.  The grit, hard work,
determination and mind set it takes just to become an Olympian is daunting!

I’m not sure I could do it!  But, I am an Olympian of sorts…..

Do you know that most new businesses never make it to their 2 year anniversary?

Yet, this summer we will celebrate 37 years in business!  We have helped well over
a MILLION consultants to become more successful!  Has it been easy?  Heck no!     
Has it required grit, hard work, determination and a mindset of helping others to
succeed?  YES!

In 1981 there were so many forces trying to keep The Booster from getting off
the kitchen table.  “Cease and desist” letters were common.  Getting barred from
selling our products at meetings and conventions occurred with regularity.  The
economy and naysayers tried to put us and our concepts down. 
But we persevered!

The more someone tried to stop me, the more determined I became.  My dream
wasn’t just for me.  I was determined to help YOU, in the party plan profession,
to make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!  Why was this so important to me?  Because
I wanted to provide a way that you could make the same amount of money (or even more)
by working only 2 nights a week instead of 4.  This would enable you to be home with
your kids and family.  It also would provide MORE TIME so if you needed to make
more money, you had the days in the week to do it! 

We have a sticker that says, “Mountain, get out of my way!”  This is how I felt!
But, our concepts and products worked!  Top achievers all over the country
began to share and help their teams to succeed as well.

“Mountain, get out of my way!”  I’m sure many Olympians feel the same way. 
When faced with problems and setbacks, they get up, dust themselves off
and figure out how to solve the problem.

YOU can be an Olympian too!  Because, an Olympian is a person with determination,
grit and that ‘Can Do’ attitude!  If having a successful business is important to you,
you can and will do what is necessary to make it successful.  I’ve seen it time and
again as our Booster customers become committed to success!  They take the
principles we teach and TAKE ACTION!  They APPLY them to their business.  They
work with their team and coaches, and in some instances coach themselves,
to ‘Believe and Achieve’ their dreams.  But they know that ‘Dreams don’t work
unless you do!’

So, the decision is YOURS, is this just another day, or is it DAY ONE of your success

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 What are your Dreams?

What are your Dreams?

Thought from Jenny B

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